Aperol Aperitivo 70cl


Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Bright orange in colour, it has a unique bitter-sweet taste deriving from a secret recipe that has remained unchanged since its creation. An infusion of oranges, rhubarb and many herbs and roots in a perfectly balanced combination.

Add 2 parts Aperol to 3 parts Prosecco or any other dry sparkling wine and a splash of Soda for the perfect way to start your evening.

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Manufacturer: DCM S.p.A., Via F. Sacchetti 20, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI), Italy. Plant of Canale (CN), Italy.

Country of Origin Italy

Packaging: Glass Bottle

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Alcohol, Vegetable Substances Infusion, Flavours (contains Quinine), Sodium Chloride, Colouring Agents: Orange Yellow E110, Red E124