About Independent Food & Drink

About Us and What We Do

We sell…

– Fresh fruit and vegetables
– Cooking and baking ingredients and store cupboard essentials
– Fine wines, interesting local beers and spirits
– Local, Scottish and European Cheese counter
– A range of kitchenware

We’re always adding new lines, and we are open to suggestions so come discover the full range for yourself. At Independent Food & Drink, our aim is to get you cooking!

We love local produce as do our customers and visitors!

If you have a great product produced in the North East, do get in touch and we’ll certainly consider getting you on our shelves.  Of course the most important thing is the quality of the product which we always put before “tourist appeal”!  If that sounds like you, click here to drop us a line!

We’re please to say very little of our waste ends up in the ground. All our waste is subject to a ‘reuse, recycle and reduce’ policy. If it can’t be reused, can it be recycled? And if not what can we do with it to ensure it reduces landfill.

Our crates and cardboard waste is either resued to pack your shopping and veg boxes (always available instead of plastic carrier bags) or goes to a recycling plant.

We have very little food waste.  This is because we are in tune with our customers.  We’ve been doing this for a while now and so we know pretty well how much of everything we’re going to sell at any particular time.  Unlike supermarkets which are based on having EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!!! While this means that, on occasion, we may sell out of something before 5 o clock the day before our next fresh delivery, we think that’s a price worth paying for, you know, the planet and whatnot.

What little food waste there is enjoyed by the local pigs!